Luxury Real Estate Photography Workshop

Marc Weisberg Presents:

Create Remarkable Images That Will Transform Your Photography Business! 

Mastering Luxury Real Estate Photography Workshop 

  • Dramatically increase your photography skills at one of Southern California's most luxurious residences.
  • Grow your confidence with live, honest, introspective critiques in a totally safe environment.
  • Limited to 14 participants for a more individualized experience with Marc.

Southern California Workshop: JULY 8th, 9th, 10th  

Note: This workshop is for the photographer who wants to "up their game" by learning the skills required to photograph luxury homes.

What's The Workshop All About?

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“If anyone reading this questions whether or not to attend the workshop I would say stop thinking and just do it. Marc, What can I say? My life will never be the same since meeting you! I came to your workshop and got not only a ton of fixes for shooting but also a bunch of business ideas. So what's happened since your workshop? We now service the top 2% producers in our state, raised prices, now shoot for more commercial clients than ever ... I am booked out 2 weeks in advance. The list goes on. If your students keep an open mind and let you teach they will come away with more than they can implement in 3 months. I know. The workshop was 6 months ago and we are still editing our business goals and plans. Thanks, Marc and my troop thanks you too!" ---Aaron Eriksson, Arizona


Who should take this workshop intensive? This three day workshop intensive is for photographers looking to fast track themselves by increasing their photography business to create powerful and compelling real estate and architectural imagery that commands the highest ROI on their time and skills. The workshop is for photographers who want to learn the tricks and techniques to provide the highest quality images to realtors, interior designers, contractors, architects, resorts and more using a proven, comprehensive, step-by-step method for producing top quality real estate imagery from inception to post-production. If you are a photographer at any level or a Realtor® looking to photograph your own listings, then this class is for you. 

Beginner Photographers: This workshop is for you if you want to jumpstart your business with a pre-made portfolio and knowledge of how to do business in the luxury real estate market. From client acquistion to photography and post-processing to delivery, this workshop is for the photographer who wants to learn how streamline their processes and become effective, efficient and consistent.

Intermediate Photographers: This workshop is for you if you want to move from basic photography clients to clients who demand the very best real estate phtoography and the results needed to service the luxury real estate market. You will learn both photograhy and business strategies to optimize your return on your, investment, your time and your talent.

Advanced Photographers: This workshop is for you if you want to top off your skills with the rock solid techniques and post-production skills that will increase your visibility in the luxury real estate and architectural photography markets. It is for the photographer that wants to "supercharge" their abilities and easily "leap" past the competition.

Testimonial Radley Muller

"As a photographer for 28 years, I have forgotten more than I know. After much research, I decided to invest in myself and my business and spend the better part of a week learning from one of the best in the industry – Marc Weisberg. I came away with a whole new skill-set and have been implementing everything I was able to absorb. Marc took the time to provide hands-on & one-on-one instruction to everyone in the class to ensure we fully grasped what we wanted to learn. I highly recommend investing in yourself and your career if you want to learn all there is to know about photographing Real Estate and Architecture the right way. After this learning experience, you and your clients will see everything in a whole new light and LOVE your images." -- RADLEY MULLER , Radley Muller Photography , Bellingham, WA

"When I saw that Marc Weisberg was hosting a photography seminar on Mastering Luxury Real Estate, I jumped at the chance to sign up! I felt pretty strong [as a real estate photogarpher] going into the workshop but came out of it with a whole new approach to lighting spaces with more directional light, stronger window pulls [this changed my life] and more critical eye when looking through the frame. Marc is patient and totally transparent in his teaching methods. If you want to up your game and jump into the Luxury Real Estate market this course will not disappoint! My work has been dramatically improved!" -- KRISTINE KOHL - Kennewick, WA  

Testimonial Kristina Kohl


SUNDAY Classroom 9:00am - 6:00pm 

  • Intensive Classroom Instruction
  • The Gear Roundup
  • Mind Shift - Photographing with the End Result in Mind
  • Lighting Fundamentals & Advanced Techniques
  • Exposure Fundamentals - The Key to Always Nailing The Shot.
  • Proper Lens Selection
  • Perfecting Your Verticals
  • Software Overview
  • Exposure Blending - Gentler/Kinder
  • Tilt-Shift Lenses Demystified
  • Shooting Tethered
  • Nailing the Twilight Shoot 
  • Optional Dinner Hangout

MONDAY On Location 8:00am - Twilight 

  • Luxury Home Photo-Shoot  
  • Walk Through - Planning the Shoot
  • Marc Demonstrates How To Light It and Shoot It
  • Best Angles For Major Impact
  • Shooting Tethered to a Tablet
  • The Key To Nailing the in Camera Exposure
  • Lighting Multiple Rooms Quickly & Efficiently
  • Dealing with Complex Lighting Situations and Archtiectual Surfaces
  • How to Get Vibrant Color and Sharper Images
  • Window Pulls - Demystified
  • Twilight Session 

TUESDAY Classroom 9:00am - 6:00pm 

  • Questions & Answers from Our Live Luxe Photo-Shoot
  • Live Edits of Our Twilight Session
  • Image Critiques
  • Retouching & Compositing Deep Dive
  • Easily Dealing with Multiple Color Temperatures
  • Output and Image Delivery
  • Killer Lightroom Tips Will Make Your Images Soar 
  • Contracts & Billing
  • Image Licencing Discussion
  • How to Build Your Portfolio
  • How to Expand & Build Your Business
  • Homework Assignment 
  • Optional Dinner Hangout

And Much More...

©Marc Weisberg Real Estate Photography Workshop
  • What's in my bag? Marc shares what gear works best for him
  • Get the best bang for your buck - Inexpensive/cutting edge lighting Gear
  • Tilt Shift Lenses - Optimize your imagery for field of view and perspective
©Marc Weisberg Real Estate Photography Workshop
  • Client Prep - Make the experience smooth and effortless
  • The 4 Step Winning Process - Photograph any room and create the money shot every time
  • Homework Assignment - Due 2 weeks after the workshop.
©Marc Weisberg Real Estate Photography Workshop
  • Shooting Tethered - The easiest way to make sure your images are perfect in the camera
  • Composite Mindset - Thinking towards the finished image
  • 1-point and 2-point perspective
©Marc Weisberg Real Estate Photography Workshop
  • Light any room, anywhere, anytime
  • Innovative interior lighting techniques
  • Supplement lighting - Create images without evidence of supplemental lights 
  • The secrets to getting perfect windows and exposures
  • The Software Reveal - What to do after the shoot in post productions.
  • Post Processing Workflow - become efficient and produce consistent results
  • The Power of Exposure Blending - When to use blending
  • Layer masking techniques to fine tune your images
Luxury Real Estate Photography - Marc Weisberg
  • Twilight Specialty Session and photo shoot - one frame twilight shots.
  • Doing business - Client contracts and licensing
  • Take it home - Workshop Guide to reference techniques learned in the workshop/Homework Assignment


1. What do I need to bring to the workshop?  

  • A Positive Mental Attitude
  • Digital Camera: DSLR or Mirrorless with extra charged batterries. All brands are welcome.
  • Lenses: 24-70mm, 16-35mm, 24mm or wider primes are acceptable if there is little to no distortion
  • Tripod: Rubber feet required, sorry - no metal or spiked feet allowed
  • Speedlights: Minimum 2 radio triggered speedlights or 2-Godox AD200 or Godox/Flashpoint 360 or similar. Please no large strobe heads
  • Laptop for Classroom Modules
  • Optional Lenses: Tilt Shift -17mm, 19mm or 24mm  

2. What is included in this workshop?  

  • 3 days of Awesome instruction by Marc Weisberg including 1 day of hands-on location shooting at a magnificent luxury home with a catered lunch 
  • 2 days of intensive classroom instruction  
  • Printed and bound Workshop Guide filled with everything covered in the three day workshop 
  • Coffee, Juice, bagels & donuts every day  

3. What is not included in this workshop?  

  • Airfare, Transportation to and from the airport to your hotel
  • Transportation daily to and from the classroom and luxury location shoot and lodging, 
  • Dinners and lunches on the two classroom days  
Marc Weisberg Luxury Real Estate Image Stripe

4. Where does the instruction take place?  

  • Classroom modules are held the first and third day in at The Club House, Irvine California (Address forwarded upon acceptance into the workshop). 
  • Real estate photography location shoot is in an impeccably furnished luxe residential home and its location will be announced the first day of classroom instruction.

5. Where can I stay for this workshop?  

  • You will receive an email as soon as you enroll that will have the instructions for making your travel plans.  

  6. How do I enroll in this course?  

  • Enroll: Click on the Orange button to have the enrollment form "pop-up". Enter your credit card information and the information required for class enrollment
  • Enrollment Confirmation: You will get an email within 1 hour confirming that you have been enrolled. If you don't receive a confrimation email, please contact me at: EMAIL MARC. If you have Gmail don't forget to check your Spam, Promotions and Junk folders for this confirmation email.

7. What about the financial costs? Money Talk!  

  • Tuition: $1800 per person. Your credit card will be charged for the full amount. There is no payment plan for the Southern California workshop.
  • Refunds: Due to the short period of time between your enrollment and the workshop, we are not offering a refund on workshop tuition. We recommend that you purchase travel insurance whenever possible. 

Hear What Past Attendees Have Said

Stephen Hopson

"Marc Weisberg's workshop was the most organized of any workshop I've ever attended... I walked away learning how to do window pulls and creating pictures that you would have never known flash was being used. Even after the course, almost a year later he still replies to my emails and answers questions... I would highly recommend his course to anyone looking to master real estate photography." - Stephen Hopson, Photographer Lokeford, CA 

Jan Sanders Testimonial

"Marc’s workshop exceeded my expectations, it provided me with the confidence and specific knowledge I needed to successfully take on almost any real estate photo shoot. I am now employed as a freelance RE photographer and use the composition, addictive lighting, window pulls, and post-processing techniques that I learned at Marc’s workshop on a daily basis." - Jan Sanders Engineer and Photographer Los Angeles, CA 


"I attended Marc’s Luxury Real Estate photography workshop in September 2017... Marc’s knowledge in photography is so vast I could have kept asking him questions for days or weeks. Whether you are a seasoned photographer or just getting started in real estate photography, this class has something for EVERYONE. I look forward to future tutelage under Marc’s guidance." - Chad Shillady President, We're Focused Photography Palm Desert, CA 


 When you get home, you can begin to photograph luxury homes with confidence with these three bonuses:

Gear Inventory Checklist: Use this checklist before your shoots to make sure you haven't forgotton to bring any crucial gear or accessories. 

Staging Checklist: Give this to your client to make sure the location is picture perfect ready for your photoshoot when you arrive, thereby saving you the time on the job. 

Marc Weisberg - Luxury Real Estate Photography Workshops


Luxury real estate photographer – Marc Weisberg is an open book when it comes to teaching how he captures and creates remarkable magazine quality, luxury real estate images. Marc’s brand is sought out by some of the top commercial and residential real estate firms in the country, providing the highest caliber images for realtors, interior designers, resorts, architects and builders needing to showcasing their properties. Real estate commissions include homes and estates ranging from $2m – $10m and commercial projects from $30m to $400m plus.  

Marc will show you through real world examples and hands on location instruction how to photograph luxury real estate. You will take your photography to the next level as Marc shares his proven lighting and post production techniques. 

You will learn to create repeatable, remarkable results time after time for your interior and exterior photographs, setting up your own recognizable brand. The techniques you learn will help you to conquer those difficult and seemingly impossible jobs every time.

After the workshop you'll have the skills needed to create remarkable Luxury Real Estate images that will transform your photography business.


One of the key factors to getting the most from a workshop is to prepare ahead of time so that your participation creates a more effective experience and you have better results from your photography. Marc will get to know your specific needs and you will be prepared to get the most from the workshop.

Shortly before the workshop begins - you will be receiving an email with a link to the following:  

Pre-workshop Survey - To Evaluate Your Current Skills and Equipment Video Series - To Prepare You To Get Better Results From the Workshop PDF: Gearl List Overview PDF: . Specific Lighting Gear Requirements PDF: Ground Rules for the Live Photo Shoot in the Luxury Home  


You won't be left hanging after the workshop! Homework assignments will be due 2 weeks after the workshop. LIVE WEBINAR - 90 MINUTES  

Live critique of the assignments for all participants who turned in homework. Question and Answer Period after the Critiques Webinar will be recorded for those who weren't able to attend or for future reference.  


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